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How it works?

Staffly tool verifies the key personality traits of candidates for a given position. As a result, the recruiter will pre-select them, thus shortening the recruitment process by up to 50% (data: Staffly, 2022). Our goal is to reduce the turnover in companies and improve the quality of performed duties, as well as save costs for constantly repeated recruitment.

Select position

The Staffly tool verifies the key personality traits of the candidate for the position selected by the recruiter.

Completing test

Link to the test is sent automatically by SMS and e-mail to the candidate or it is done during the interview. It takes about 5 minutes.

Score and feedback

The Staffly algorithm in live mode returns the candidate’s level of match to the recruited position along with the results of the personality traits tested.

Toyota chose Staffly psychometry

Staffly, as part of a pilot study, conducted psychometric research among employees of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland. The result was a confirmation of the correlation between the level of fit and employee performance. In the next stage, Staffly, as the official technology supplier, implements psychometric tests for candidates applying to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland.

HR Manager / Human Resources @ Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland

Marcin Szczeblewski

“All manufacturing companies face a shortage of staff, and those that attract candidates are wondering how to identify those with the greatest potential and the prospect of long-term cooperation.

We decided to implement Staffly psychometric tests because we want to know the real predispositions and preferences of candidates, which are very difficult to identify during an interview or reading a CV.

The tests, which we subjected to a group of experienced Toyota employees, allowed us to define the desired candidate profile and we hope that in the long run they will allow us to select candidates even more accurately and build a stable crew.”

Staffly Psychometry

The development of personality profiles for selected industries and positions is due to the OnData team – an interdisciplinary team of high-class specialists with practical experience with unique competences.

Connect your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with Staffly and recruit the best candidates smarter – objectively and faster.

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