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Information on funding

Staffly sp. z o.o. implements a project called: "Conducting R&D work on the technology of temporary work matchmaking based on psychometric and personality factors" as part of the grant in accordance with the project: „303 Innovation Fund”

Project goal: Development of technology that will enable in-depth analysis and profiling of portal users for the purpose of better matching orders in order to increase the efficiency of their work.

Co-financing of the grant project: PLN 800,000 PLN

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the National Center for Research and Development under the Smart Growth Programme.


Recruitment testsTest,

Accelerate candidate selection by 85%, reduce turnover of lower and mid-level staff and provide automated feedback to candidates.

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Test your candidates

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Recruitment tests tailored to the industry, job position and corporate culture

By using our tools you shorten the recruitment process, based on reliable data and scientific assessment methods.

With Staffly, your recruitment becomes faster and more precise, the chances of the candidates are equal and the recruitment process is transparent.

Personality tests

A characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

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Competence tests

The employee’s skills, analytical thinking and technical knowledge required for effective daily work.

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Behavioural tests

Verify how the candidate would behave in specific work situations – based on a pool of situational questions developed together

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Hiring the wrong candidate cost you 30% of his annual salary

30%Annual salary
7.200 USDWith a salary of USD 2,000 gross

We integrate with your recruitment system (ATS)


For You

  • Automating the process and saving your time
  • Even 45 hours monthly more for your daily tasks
  • Test as the additional source of information about the candidate to help you make the best a decision

For the Company

  • Reduced employees turnover (up to three times)
  • Accelerated selection of candidates by 85%
  • Increased awareness and branding of your company through your logos and colours in the test
  • Employees matched to your company culture

For Candidates

  • Information about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Tips on how to develop  your professional competences

Build trust in your company among candidates

  • Enhance Employer Branding
  • Test design
  • Report for the recruiter
  • Feedback for the candidate

Enhance Employer Branding

Transform any recruitment test into a powerful Employer Branding tool. Our flexible personalisation options allow you to showcase your brand even before your first contact with the candidate. Let yourself be remembered!

1Personalise tests by adding logos, colours and company content
2Strengthen your brand by demonstrating unique values

Test design

We use different types of questions among our tests – including Likert scale, abcd questions, most/least correct answer.

1Add your own personalised questions
2Combine personality, competence and culture-fit testing

Report for the recruiter

Immediately after the test is done, you will receive a dedicated report of the candidate’s results, including the match-level for the job position. You will know the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and the report will help you prepare for the job interview

1Report available in your panel or directly in the system for recruitment
2With a single click, arrange the list of candidates from most to least suitable

Feedback for the candidate

Provide immediate and automatic feedback to each candidate immediately after the test is completed. A dedicated report ensures a full understanding of the result and provides guidance and tips for further development.

1Feedback to each candidate at the end of the test
2Additional value for those taking part in recruitment

How does it work?

1We set it up, you save time

You get a dedicated panel where you can generate tests for the specific job positions and have access to the candidate’s results.

2We invite candidates on your behalf

You can send the link to the test via email or link it to the job offer.

Candidates need up to 9 minutes to complete it. 80% of candidates finish the test, feeling valued and important in your recruitment process.

3Your decisions supported by our analysis

Just a few seconds after the test is completed, the result is visible in your Staffly panel along with detailed, descriptive feedback in the form of a PDF report.

The candidate also receives immediate feedback after the test is done.

1We set it up, you save time

The tests can be sent to every candidate who applies for the job position or only to those selected at a specific stage of the recruitment process.

You decide in which job positions you want to activate the tests.

2We invite candidates on your behalf

The link to the test is sent to candidates fully automatically via SMS and email .

Candidates need up to 9 minutes to complete it. 80% of candidates finish the test, feeling valued and important in your recruitment process.

3Your decisions supported by our analysis

Just a few seconds after the test is completed, the result is visible in your recruitment system (ATS) along with detailed, descriptive feedback in the form of a PDF report.

The candidate also receives immediate feedback seconds after the test is completed.

Test your candidates

Test your candidates


Tests compatible with GDPR

Staffly tests are fully compliant and aligned with the requirements related to the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Staffly does not collect or process data that may be considered as special category data in accordance with Article 9 of the DPA. The characteristics verified are closely related to the candidate’s responses in the specific context of the position applied for.

Candidate data is fully anonymised and stored in the cloud within the EEA, while Staffly has a dedicated Data Protection Officer.

Personal Data Protection at Staffly

CommitmentEnthusiasmCompliance with GDPR

Recruit objectively.

Staffly tests are resilient to discrimination. We support the inclusivity of your organisation by offering a solution that gives equal opportunities to all candidates, supporting competency-based talent.

Recruit the best candidates regardless of age, gender and nationality.

We specialise in supporting HR departments in the daily work of selecting the best candidates. We operate according to best practices from cooperation with the best HR departments in Poland.

Our successes are described by

“Staffly is building innovative psychometric testing technology for job candidates. Abroad, as many as 80 per cent of Fortune 500 companies use such tests (including Apple, Wallmart and AT&T) and 75 of the 100 most valuable companies in the UK. Now it is time for Poland.”

“The creators of Staffly have relied on proprietary psychometric tests, verifying key personality traits of candidates for low and mid-level positions. In practice, they allow the recruiter to make the most objective decision possible about the candidate’s suitability for a particular job.”

“A company offering tools for recruiters has won financial backing from the Freya Capital fund. The investors were convinced by the fast growth rate.”

“Startup Staffly helps companies reduce turnover and matches a candidate’s personality and competencies to the job on offer. It’s a useful service especially in industries that experience high turnover, such as logistics, manufacturing or customer service.”

What do customers say?

Aneta CekieraCEO at Telekadra

Staffly’s psychometric testing, carried out at the pre-selection stage of Candidates, has allowed us to speed up and shorten the recruitment process and, in turn, has enabled us to redirect some resources to other areas of HR.

Psychometric and competency tests work well in the diverse environment of employment agencies, which is also evidenced by the satisfaction of our Partners in matching the employee to the job requirements. Also, the feedback received from Candidates, who were able to test their strengths and weaknesses, is an important signal for us demonstrating the value of working with Staffly.”

Marcin SzczeblewskiPeople & Culture team, TMMP

All manufacturing companies face staff shortages, and those that do attract candidates struggle with how to identify those with the greatest potential and the prospect of a long-term relationship.

We decided to implement Staffly psychometric tests because we want to know the candidates’ real predispositions and preferences, which are very difficult to identify during an interview or by reading a CV. The tests to which we subjected a group of experienced Toyota employees allowed us to define the desired candidate profile and we hope that in the long run they will allow us to select candidates even more accurately and build a stable staff.”

Piotr MachowskiHead of Human Resources Operations w Action

The Staffly product works very well in a retail industry setting. It has accelerated the preselection of Candidates at Action Poland, it also allows recruiters to better prepare for interviews with applicants.

A great value for us is the fact that the Staffly test result coincides with the recruiters’ subjective assessment, so to speak, confirming its effectiveness.”

joanna bien
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Joanna BieńSenior Recruiting Specialist w PWPW

What can be done to give recruitment a more modern face? How do you get the right candidates for the job and the nature of the work? We already know.

We have been using Staffly psychometric tests for a year now.

They allow us to reliably and quickly check key candidate characteristics relevant to our security and job requirements.

Our experience with Staffly tests:

Reduced time-to-hire compared to recruitment time using previous methods of screening Candidates, increasing the efficiency of the process.
Automated verification of Candidates with proven psychometric tests.
Time and labour savings for Recruiters.
Automation of results and feedback for Candidates.
Positive impact on the image of PWPW as a company using modern tools .

Michał MalarczykTraining Coordinator at Duży Ben

Staffly has helped us to better define the desired profile of a Candidate for a job on the shop floor, speed up the process of reviewing incoming CVs, and increase the quality and organisation of recruitment. Additional functionalities, such as behavioural (scene) questions, help us to get an even better idea of whether a candidate will find their way into a new job.”

Krystian DrozdHR Specialist at VIVE Textile Recycling

The psychometric tests offered from Staffly, allowed us to look at candidates from a slightly broader perspective. They allowed us to get to know a small but often key element of personality, which is extremely difficult or even impossible to pick up when assessing CVs. Thanks to this, already at the pre-selection stage, we were able to direct our attention to specific elements, which we verified at the next stage – during meetings and interviews with candidates, especially for management and office/specialist positions.
In addition, interrupted tests, which, in the case of some candidates, also projected their directly low motivation and low commitment at subsequent recruitment stages, also proved to be useful information.”

Magdalena SzurmaCEO w Wellcome Home

Staffly’s psychometric tests proved extremely effective during our recent recruitment drive. As an SME organisation, we don’t recruit very often and don’t have a high staff turnover. When we received almost 500 applications for one position, we were surprised and confused. We didn’t have enough time or funds to enlist the professional help of an experienced recruiter.
Staffly helped us to select from such a huge group of candidates who possessed the personality traits necessary for the recruited position. The tool saved us a lot of time and made the whole process easier, and further interviews proved to be very fruitful. After a short time, the right person joined us! We would confidently recommend Staffly’s psychometric tests to other SME organisations.”

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