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Information on funding

Staffly sp. z o.o. implements a project called: "Conducting R&D work on the technology of temporary work matchmaking based on psychometric and personality factors" as part of the grant in accordance with the project: „303 Innovation Fund”

Project goal: Development of technology that will enable in-depth analysis and profiling of portal users for the purpose of better matching orders in order to increase the efficiency of their work.

Co-financing of the grant project: PLN 800,000 PLN

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the National Center for Research and Development under the Smart Growth Programme.

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See how we accelerated the preselection of candidates at Action Poland by 85%!


Action Poland


How does Staffly, with the help of short, proprietary personality and behaviour tests, assist Action in recruiting staff in the retail industry?


  • Time-consuming selection process, large amount of time needed to analyse applications in shop recruitment (measured in at least 2-3h per approx. 100 candidates)

  • A selection process that is repeated at least three times – in the first instance selecting candidates by experience, in the second instance inviting those with the strongest CVs to interview, in the third instance reviewing the list of candidates again to make sure “we haven’t left anyone out”


  • Speeding up the time-consuming selection of candidates while maintaining the high quality of the process,

  • Standardisation of selection across the country. Unambiguous and clear criteria for all candidates regardless of the recruiter conducting the recruitment.


  • Shortening the candidate selection process by 85%.

    Example of recruitment for a shop in Włocławek:

    The candidate selection process, which normally takes more than 3 hours (for more than 170 candidates), was reduced to 30 minutes.

Solutions used

Staffly personality tests

Short, proprietary questions exploring several personality traits most relevant to the client.

Situation tests

Matching to the organisational culture on the basis of behavioural (situational) questions developed together with the client.

Test sample



Duration of recruitment process



Project details

Action Poland

Customer name





From one small shop in Enkhuizen since 1993, Action has grown into the fastest-growing non-food discounter in Europe. It has more than 2,250 shops in 11 countries and serves more than 15 million customers in them every week. In Poland, too, the chain’s growth has been impressive, with Action aiming to maintain its pace of opening new shops at 70 a year.

Staffly has been working with the Action chain since April 2022 screening candidates for the position of Deputy / Store Manager and Store Worker. Due to Action Poland’s satisfaction with the results so far, the company has decided to extend the cooperation also to positions including Store Employee.

To date, several thousand Staffly tests have been completed as part of the collaboration.

As part of the integration with eRercuiter, tests were sent automatically via SMS and e-mail to candidates who applied for the position of Store Employee in Włocławek. Within the 170 Staffly tests, the results were as follows:

– HIGH(high) fit: 28 people (17%)

– MID(medium) fit: 125 people (73%)

– matching LOW(low): 17 people (10%)

Of the 27 people with a high fit, 22 candidates were invited for interview, confirming the correlation of the test score with the recruiter’s subjective assessment and the quality of the CV.

The tests supported Ms Katarzyna’s work because, using the Staffly test results, she could only focus on those applicants with a high match score and invite them for an interview.

It took Ms Katarzyna 30 minutes to analyse the CVs of high-fit candidates instead of the standard 3 hours (!).

This saves 85% of the time spent in this type of process on screening all applicants and focusing on those who are a good fit for the position they are applying for.

“The first recruitment using Staffly’s tests for Store Employees, was a positive surprise for me. With visions of analysing hundreds of CVs in front of me, I was keen to take the opportunity to use the tests and it saved me a great deal of time that I normally spend on pre-selection. The successful candidates presented themselves very well during the recruitment meetings and had many of the qualities and competences we look for in our employee profile. I regretted not having the opportunity to hire most of them.” – says Katarzyna Cywka, HR Advisor Action.

“I asked the candidates about their impressions after completing the test and their statements were very positive. They emphasised that it was the first time they had been given this type of test to fill in, they appreciated the professionalism of the company and the questions showed them what kind of situations they might face when taking a job with our company.” – she concludes.

Filip Sobel

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