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Information on funding

Staffly sp. z o.o. implements a project called: "Conducting R&D work on the technology of temporary work matchmaking based on psychometric and personality factors" as part of the grant in accordance with the project: „303 Innovation Fund”

Project goal: Development of technology that will enable in-depth analysis and profiling of portal users for the purpose of better matching orders in order to increase the efficiency of their work.

Co-financing of the grant project: PLN 800,000 PLN

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the National Center for Research and Development under the Smart Growth Programme.


How has PKP Intercity based the selection process on Staffly tests and reduced the CV selection time in mass recruitment processes by 80%?


PKP Intercity

Conductors / cashiers

How does Staffly, with the help of short, proprietary work style and behavioural matching tests, support PKP Intercity in automating the recruitment process?

82% test completion rate

80% accelerated selection in mass recruitment processes


  • Implementation of modern technologies supporting the work of the HR department

  • Matching candidate behaviour in line with the PKP organisational culture

  • Maintaining continuity in the work of the recruitment department during a large flow of applications

  • Speeding up the selection process and maintaining a high quality of the process

  • Increased quality of recruitment interviews due to the quality of candidates

  • Building an additional database of applying candidates with potential for use in the future

  • Increased efficiency of PKP Intercity’s recruitment process


  • Reduction in Time-To-Hire by 80% comparing CV selection time without Staffly and with Staffly,

  • Similar quality results achieved during the Assessment Centre by candidates selected with Staffly,

  • In the cycles in which PKP Intercity used our tool in its recruitments, the entire process of selecting candidates’ applications was based on criteria in which Staffly tests played a significant role.

Solutions used

Work style tests

Questions exploring specific characteristics and testing the nature of the match between the candidate’s working style and the position.

Behavioural tests

Matching to the organisational culture of PKP IC based on behavioural (situational) questions provided by the client.

Amount of tests



Duration of recruitment



Project details

PKP Intercity

Customer name



04.2023 – 08.2023


PKP Intercity is Poland’s largest rail operator, connecting the centres of major cities and popular tourist destinations in the country, as well as enabling comfortable travel across Europe. Each day, the carrier launches around 400 trains and employs more than 8,800 people, with more than 850 hired in 2022 alone.

During the cooperation undertaken, PKP Intercity has so far performed a total of around 3,000 unique Staffly tests.

As part of the Candidate selection process, PKP Intercity relied on the results of matching Staffly tests and declared English language skills.

PKP Intercity decided to implement Staffly tests to support the daily hard work of the HR department in selecting the best candidates.

Setting up the tool on the Staffly side took 5 days, while activating access on the PKP Intercity side took about 30 minutes.

The Staffly tool integrated with the client’s ATS eRecruiter recruitment system allowed short tests to be automatically sent to applying candidates. To date, 3,059 unique Staffly tests have been completed.

Edward Szumilak, Product Manager at PKP IC, points out:

‘Staffly tests have allowed us, above all, to speed up and streamline the application selection process and devote our time and attention to other tasks. By indicating the competencies we want to examine using Staffly tests, we could still invite candidates with predispositions for a given position.

Another element worth noting, which we noticed after using this form of application selection for some time, is the greater objectivity compared to the ‘traditional’ assessment of application documents. It is important to note that the above conclusions apply to recruitment processes in which between 100 and 300 employees are selected annually for a single position.

Filip Sobel

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