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Information on funding

Staffly sp. z o.o. implements a project called: "Conducting R&D work on the technology of temporary work matchmaking based on psychometric and personality factors" as part of the grant in accordance with the project: „303 Innovation Fund”

Project goal: Development of technology that will enable in-depth analysis and profiling of portal users for the purpose of better matching orders in order to increase the efficiency of their work.

Co-financing of the grant project: PLN 800,000 PLN

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the National Center for Research and Development under the Smart Growth Programme.


Staffly for


According to the assumptions of the Ministry of Digitization, the implementation of artificial intelligence technologies in the areas of the economy will increase Polish GDP by 1.5-2.5 percentage points. percent annually. Currently, nearly 23% of companies declare a high level of advancement in AI, and approx. 44% implement their first projects using it. Microsoft, in turn, reports that as many as 67% of Polish entrepreneurs implement artificial intelligence in their business and this is an upward trend. Digital transformation has a positive impact on the functioning of companies and supports employees in performing time-consuming tasks, including analyzing and selecting data.

In this respect, the Staffly algorithm is a response to changes taking place on the labor market. Machine learning is like a self-propelled mechanism, the more data it has, the more perfect and precise it becomes. Staffly is the first and only such HR Tech product in Poland. It is the result of many years of psychological research and the development of new technology, and at the same time a future direction for business.

Artificial intelligence is currently one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors of the economy in the world. Introducing it to the HR industry brings economic benefits resulting from the improvement and shortening of recruitment processes, and at the same time reducing the degree of rotation, which is a serious problem in Polish companies (it is even up to 60%). At the same time, the recruitment platform is a development tool for employees who can consciously and effectively create their career path. Staffly fits in with the idea of grassroots work, which by modernizing companies and directing employees can bring benefits to the entire society, thus becoming a strong technological brand in Poland.

Key functionalities

  • Recruitment platform
    We have created a recruitment platform based on psychometrics equipped with proprietary AI / ML solutions, which allows you to match the right employees to the right job, reducing the recruitment time and reducing the turnover rate, responding to the specific needs and challenges of clients.
  • Integration with ATS
    We have a ready-made “modular” product that can be integrated with any existing candidate management system (ATS) ensuring easy implementation and use in the ongoing client recruitment process.
  • Custom solutions
    Our psychometric module examining the fit of an employee to a specific workplace is built of configurable blocks that can be configured to meet specific customer needs and build your own solution that integrates testing functionalities with non-standard customer needs.

& development plan

  • Development of the recruitment platform
    Currently, the platform has a basic set of functionalities enabling the basic recruitment process to be carried out using psychometrics. There are plans to expand this process and its optimization with data collected from the system and during tests.
  • Integration with ATS & HRIS systems
    We plan to build a set of basic integration modules with the most popular ATS & HRIS systems to automate subsequent integrations in subsequent implementations.
  • Additional CUSTOM solutions
    In addition to the development of the existing psychometric module, we plan to implement further modules focused on proven psychological tests, which will allow us to get to know candidates and employees even more precisely, and to improve the processes of acquiring and retaining client’s staff.


We are a technology company that creates solutions that automate the recruitment process using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to solve the key problems of acquiring and, in the future, retaining our clients’ staff.

We believe that the key to success in building and developing a company is a team of employees suited to the tasks entrusted to them. Our mission is to provide appropriate, easy-to-use tools that will enable companies to acquire the right employees and increase their efficiency, which will enable them to develop dynamically, without costly and risky implementations.


We combine innovative thinking with advanced technology in such a way as to create innovative solutions that can be automated for our clients. Staffly is made up of a unique team of nearly 20 experienced employees with unique competences: designers, programmers, high-class scientists in the field of psychology, data analysis, machine learning and automation. We work with the academic community and invest in research and technology development to create world-class solutions.


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    Nomination in the HR Tech category
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    Nomination in the Innovation category

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