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Staffly is an application from the HR Tech industry, the goal of which is to best match job offers for lower-level employees from industries such as: production, trade, logistics, services or industry.

Effective psychometrics

The use of psychometric tests as part of job profiles effectively complements the recruitment process and ongoing management of employee career paths. This is particularly important in the case of companies with a unique organizational culture that place emphasis on careful selection of employees during recruitment.

Intelligent algorithm

The self-learning algorithm provides the employer with a multidimensional assessment of candidates, based on which they can make a hiring decision. The algorithm is based on the psychological model of the Big Five, as well as the specific characteristics of the profession and communicativeness.

Recruitment platform

Candidate results are immediately visible in your ATS or module, making recruiting management easy and transparent.

We integrate with your ATS

Connect your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with Staffly Custom and recruit the best candidates smarter – objectively and faster.

Automatically invite candidates to take the Staffly Psychometric Test, and view candidate results and reports directly in your favorite ATS and more.

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5 steps to ATS integration

Reduce costs and save HR time by automating recruitment processes. Create a unified environment for candidates and centralize data on the selected ATS platform.


We will map your recruitment process, understand where Staffly solutions fit and examine the technology and profitability of the platform.


After agreeing the scope of the integration, we will organize an inaugural conversation with the selected ATS provider in order to agree on the implementation dates and further steps.


We contact your ATS provider directly so you don’t have to do anything. You can be sure it is in the hands of experts.


After the integration is set up, the testing phase allows you to make sure that the integration meets the agreed requirements.


Once launched, the integration enables you to seamlessly connect your application to assessment platforms, saving you time, money and effort.

Integration with your ATS or HRIS

Find out how we can integrate our Staffly psychometric module with your candidate tracking system.

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